INTERVIEWS: Glora Nexus (Indonesia)

[Interview by Negrura]
Glora Nexus was officially founded in 2019 and based in Jakarta, Indonesia. “A Grand Monument To Mortality” is an extremity that is considered deeply as a manifestation of the chaos of today’s world, where humanity has lost every connection to its origins and behaves as an arrogant species.

Hail! Please introduce yourself who talked on behalf of Glora Nexus?
Greeting!, I am Svarte. Thanks a lot for the interview.

What encouraged and inspired you to form Glora Nexus? Tell us more about the band history?
First of all, thank you for the space and for the great work of spreading the word about  Glora Nexus of the underground through your magazine. Formed in 2019, Glora Nexus is a metal band entity and started as my alter-ego project in Jakarta, Indonesia. in the same year, Glora Nexus introduced their debut single entitled “Spiritual Havoc”. I think time and energy are always sacrificed, whether it takes a lot of time and energy to be in a solo musical project because it’s not always easy. You need to push yourself beyond your limitations and that takes a lot of energy, grit, and willingness. I’ve sacrificed this for the band, but I don’t really think of it as a sacrifice because I do enjoy the journey.

Please further define your musicstyle and what sort of bands that truly influenced you, musically and soundwise?
I do not stick to a single formula or style. I incorporate equally in a very hybrid & symbiotic way the Brutality of Death Metal, the energy of extreme spiritual practices, and the dark atmosphere that you generally find in Black Metal. By the way, I only listen to a lot of black/death bands from Sweden, Norwegia, Finlandia, UK, Greece, Icelandic, Poland, and Germany every day.

Elaborate more on your lyrical writings and the messages you want to express?
I was born and grew up in a large city and found myself disliking our pretentious, dysfunctional, narcissistic, and self-righteous society from an early age. When the need for inner expression through music and the ability of reasoning certain things reached a decent state and was accompanied by a series of principles. All the lyrics that I made are catharsis for all human beings, to describe the inner conflicts in the daily life of mankind. Glora Nexus is here to present a message through dark ideas with a strong breath of nihilism. Our music is a war against what everyone knows.

Provide some information about your latest album “A Grand Monument To Mortality”; compositional process, recordings, final production, etc?
The world today is more boring than ever, I never cared about the technical details of record production. In “A Grand Monument To Mortality”, you found more individuals have a possibility to find something great by their selves regardless of their connections. Guest musicians such as Ragnar Sverrisson (Helfro), Teguh Permana (Tarawangsawelas), Lexy Alexander (Blodwen), and Ardian Nuril Anwar (Devoured) are some of the musicians with the capacity I want to give a musical style. Fortunate to work with dedicated people and contribute to the scenes I love.

Are there any specific ideas you put in this album?
Black Metal for me has the attitude of nihilism, isolation, and non-trendiness.

What made you decide to collaborate with Bhumidhuka Productions and Harsh Productions?
They’re an extremely militant label and did a fantastic job with the initial run of this EP.

Tell us something about ‘Verboten Vibes’ Official Music Video?
You can read information about the “Verboten Vibes” credit on youtube. “Verboten Vibes” offers a means to meditate on the struggles of human existence, accepting that pain and reflecting it through the music in this communal, as a beacon of awakening. This track most complete expression of its goals. The music is tumultuous and ominous, no matter what peoples like.

Anything confirmed for the next releases? What can we expect for your new works?
I will be working on new material but not in the near future.

Salutant Glora Nexus. May success be with you! Some of your last words?
Thank you for having us! To the readers, the Spirit of Opposition is still very much alive & potent in the most obscure underground fanatical circles. Life is war choose your side, stand for the underground.